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A Lingote como associada da APAL está envolvida na campanha que visa promover o alumínio e as múltiplas vantagens da sua utilização nas mais variadas soluções.

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Correct option for the high quality housing market, it presents optimal thermal isolation and acoustic mitigation standards, the bi-colour solution is possible allowing the client to choose different colours for the outside as well as the inside.

Feb 2012


Following a policy of systems depending on the regulation which binds their certifications, (ITT) we created the accessories department to answer to the needs of the clients; we want to be the solution not the problem.

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The hidden sheet solution presents itself as an excellent architectural option. This building solution allows, for as uniformity is regarded, the view from the outside, to keep for distinguishing the fixed parts from the movables.

A solution you should keep an eye on.

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