Technical Department



Technical drawing:


Starting from the conception and development of an idea to the final outcome in a profile or a group of profiles that will validate the solutions for the frames market and the industry.

The national demand, as well as the international of profiles for the industry, has carried Lingote to develop capabilities/abilities and dedicate a good part of its production to this field of activity.

The clients can choose between a pre-designed aluminium profile or they can demand solutions created to satisfy their needs with the goal of developing quality products that satisfy the expectations of the final clients.




We have also a client support service that elaborates budgets and prepares processes regarding the formalization of our clients’ orders.

This way, we provide an updated database which is available to our partners, and therefore to their clients to guarantee a correct and advantageous analysis of the available processes.


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Certification systems – CE marking:


With a clear objective of guaranteeing a better performance, a bigger thermal and acoustical comfort, regarding the corresponding CE marking, all our systems are subjected to initial essays according to the applicable regulations:


- air permeability essay UNE-EN 1026:2000

- water tightness essay UNE-EN 1027:2000

- wind resistance UNE-EN 12211:2000

- acoustical mitigation UNE-EN ISO 14351

– 1:2006 (attachment B)

- thermal isolation UNE-EN ISO 10077 – 2:2008


Our partners for the conception of initial essays were the notified organisms;


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